“What Siroya learned was that traditional financial services companies don’t always take a person’s daily life into account when deciding creditworthiness.”


“Venture Out: Shivani Siroya, CEO of Tala”

“US fintech pioneer’s start-up in Kenya”

A look at digital credit in Kenya and why access alone is not enough.”

“Paypal shares Tala’s vision of reimagining financial services for the unbanked and those underserved by the traditional financial system.”

“How ex-UN staff got data for credit app Tala.”

“The Founder Of Tala On Her Leap From Finance To Fundraising For Her Mission-Driven Startup.”

“A smart loan for people with no credit history — yet”

“A smart loan for people with no credit history — yet”

“Lending Startups Look at Borrowers’ Phone Usage to Assess Creditworthiness”

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Tala’s first TV commercial in Kenya features the story of Baba Yai, an egg vendor in Kenya who uses a Tala loan to grow his business. When faced with a cash shortage that would have prevented him from fulfilling a large order, Tala provides the instant capital he needs!

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